What makes a good website

Websites: what is the difference between a good and a bad one?


Having a website is like having a store. It doesn’t grant sales: it’s absolutely important to create the right setting the attract and keep customers, creating a pleasant experience. A cheap website will not convert visitors into customers just because it will not be optimized. Creating a website for your business means to do SEO to make it visible, improve the UX and UI (user experience and interface) to guide the visitor towards the final action, which is a “buy” button or a “contact us” form. 


Like a store, your website is the place where you can show your brand and message, and you have a few seconds to impress a visitor before he leaves the page. That’s why our websites are always professional, optimized and made to keep the visitors on your pages, reading your content and understanding in a simple way what you have to offer. 

Protect your investments

It depends on your business, but you will probably have a moment where you will need to pay to attract more visitors. This is the case of Google Ads, Facebook, Linkedin and many other paid campaigns. The biggest costs of these tools are the clicks: what you want to do is to make sure that clicks are converted into sales. And the only way to do this is to have an optimized page. Too much loading, not optimized UX and other problems will make you waste money over time. Money spent on your website are like money spent on a good store. It will eventually pay off over time. 

What can you achieve with an optimized website?

Internet brings out success stories every day: now everyone has access to an immense pool of potential readers, visitors, customers, like never before. Optimizing your website for them will allow you to keep them for a long time on your website, to convert visitors into customers, to engage you followers. The brand becomes more and more important every day, and every person, without realizing, loves some brands because of a satisfying digital relationship. You want them to find easy to navigate, to find your content relevant and nice and to be interested in coming back later on, maybe to buy your product or service. Want to know more? Let’s get in contact! 

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