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Website creation

New business? New brand? Starting from the scratch can take a lot of time and effort. I can provide you with the best graphical and technical solutions to make your website stand out from the competition. If your goal is to convert visitors into leads and sales, or to keep readers on your platform, then your website needs not only to be good-looking, but also to have an optimized UX, navigation or presence on search engines. Also, it needs to be tailored to your customer, with a communication style and contents consistent with what he/she is looking for.

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Having a website is not enough: it needs to be visibile online and to guide visitors in an optimal way. A beautiful website will not automatically attract visitors and potentital clients. Every day 15 thousands websites are created, and most of them will stay in the shadow of an overpopulated internet landscape. But don’t be worried! By placing your site correctly on the search engines, by optimizing its structure, navigation, UX, UI, etc. you will easily reach your final users, keeping them interested in your content. Find out more about website optimization
Social Media​


A good social media presence can boost your sales, brand image and awareness. Organic traffic and social media interaction brings to your website truly passionate and interested customers. ​It can be a key element in launching a new brand or product, as well as for keeping your customers interested in your contents and engaged. It allows small brands to compete with giant corporations without having access to the classic media, and overall can be a massive channel where you can communicate abour your brand, for free or with a controlled budget.  

Paid Advertising


Google Ads is a great tool, but it’s only one of the paid communication options out there. Depending on your business, other channels can provide even better results for your sales and branding: Facebook ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram, Twitter. Let’s have a chat to find out which channel is the most optimal for your customer base, and use it for sponsored content that can bring you as much traffic (and sales) as you want.

Google Ads


Google Ads can be used for every business, from the smallest startup to the biggest corporation. When optmized, it allows to grow safely and with total control on expenses. This is why it is nowdays so well known and used by multinational companies as well as local businesses. And working for years with this tool, I cannot deny that in most markets it is incredibly effective. 

Do you have already AdWords campaigns and want to optimize them, in order to boost your leads and reduce your expenses? Do you want to start a new campaign to promote your business? Do you work for a big company and need some help in optimize the campaigns and analyze the available data? I can help you in all these cases: let’s have a chat!



So many options, channels, social media, analytics. Creating a strategy to grow your brand and sales online can be tricky. This is where I can help.

Especially if you are launching a new business, it’s very important to choose wisely where to spend your budget and time: the digital landscape is immense, as well as the possibilities. 

Luckily understanding the characteristics of a market and finding the right strategy is one of my focus areas. Let’s have a chat and let me know your goals. I will help you to achieve them!

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Sometimes I like to write. It can be about explaining a technical concept or just my point of view on a certain topic. So I decided to start collecting everything in a blog. why not?

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