Luca Ariello is a freelance communication designer and and multidisciplinary artist. Originally from Italy, he set base in The Netherlands, and is currently living in Rotterdam. His career trajectory and educational pursuits have been diverse, spanning various fields. However, his enduring fascination with art, sound, visual experimentation, has provided a consistent thread throughout.

After playing music for several years, exploring different genres from metal to modern psychedelia he has gradually shifted his focus to exploring sound as an art form and conceptual medium. In recent years, this exploration has led him to the world of electronic music, improvisation and sound art.

Luca’s creative endeavors orbit around three primary themes. His inquiry into Nostalgia examines the interplay between human memory, communication, and shared experiences. A collection of meticulously curated sounds and field recordings forms the backbone of his exploration, facilitating cross-temporal communication and delving into the universality of nostalgia.

Another facet of his work revolves around Audio-visual Interaction, where he endeavors to fuse visuals and sounds in intentional ways, creating synesthetic encounters. Gianluca’s intention to explore this avenue further requires a robust foundation in processing models, spectral analysis, and related concepts, with guidance from courses such as those offered by Peter Pabon.

Finally, Luca’s interests extend to the realm of Improvisation, where he finds intrigue in the abstract communication possible through voice, musical instruments, and the human body. Engaging with improvisation groups in Rotterdam and Den Haag, he navigates the intricate dynamics that surface within these collaborative musical landscapes.

Luca’s artistic journey has been shaped by a diverse spectrum of experiences, reflected in his eclectic knowledge base spanning psychology, coding, philosophy, physics, digital art, electronics, design, and beyond. This multidisciplinary approach infuses his artistic explorations with a unique perspective, fostering new ideas at the juncture of diverse fields.

photo credit: Cam Altinoz