There and now what

Sound performance with artist Ursa Prek
Cowboys United - Eindhoven - 2022

Sound performance recording:

There and now what was a collaborative sound performance with Eindhoven-based artist Urša Perk for the opening of her exhibition at TAC|united|UDC in Eindhoven. The project was centered around shared interests in the topics of memory and archives. Urša wanted to complement her video and physical installation with an exploration of sound as a performative medium to re-enact distant memories. The video installation featured early childhood video recordings, that were reinterpreted and re-enacted on camera by the artist. The sound performance was also focused on processing the original sounds from 25 years ago through a sampler and a semi-modular synthesiser. Sounds were distorted and sculpted to imitate the way memories change shape as we recall and modify them. Loops of familiar yet distant sounds alternate and spiral into a crescendo of reverbs, delays and noise.