Memory Free Dive: An Immersive Sound-Memory Exploration

Sounds can be used to evoke memories, a concept backed by neuroscience and psychology research also applied in treating neurological disorders and dementia. My interest in this topic led me to design a series of experiments and a performance with the objective of triggering strong inner experiences. 

As a meditation practitioner, I’m familiar with how attention and consciousness can be directed towards specific stimuli or experiences. I believe that a performer can make use of this to shape the audience’s inner journey and trigger particular emotional experiences.

In “Memory Free Dive”, presented at The Grey Space in the Middle during the “Fever” art residency, I started by using guided meditation to prepare the audience for a deeper sensory experience, sharpening their attention. I then gradually introduced processed samples and field recordings, asking attendees to allow memories to emerge. I then invited participants to share their sensory journey post-performance. Their stories revealed a mix of reconnected memories, cathartic experiences, and synesthetic journeys.