2023 - Delfshaven Windmill, Rotterdam

Cicadaism investigates nostalgia. Working with my personal archive of recorded audio, I sampled, arranged, and processed sounds and recordings to create a collection of songs and sound pieces. This series of live performances included improvisation and interaction with the audience, making each performance only happen once in its specific space-time-sound combination, similar to a moment of nostalgia.  

An invented word, “cicadaism” refers to the collective summer nostalgia many of us experience when we hear the chirping of cicadas. In one piece that features the cicada chirp, I attempt to share my own nostalgia, letting the audience “visit” my memory through their own personal sonic experience.

Part of the performance focuses on the space (a windmill), using sounds recorded over several weeks and live during the performance, creating a dialogue between the wooden structure of the building, the activities that happen there, and the people that inhabit it.