A brief summary

I was born in Napoli, in southern Italy, in a warm summer of 1993. Ever since I was a kid, I loved to be creative, drawing and crafting things with every tool available, and grew up with a fascination for technology. Thanks to a scholarship, I left home at 18, to study Economics at Bocconi University in Milan. 
I’m a curious person, I’ve always loved learning and knowing more about new things. During my university years I got interested in digital innovation, design, illustration, statistics, art, sociology, psychology, semiotics, taking courses and studying those topics – next to the ones I had to cover for my Bachelor and Master. My ideas about my future plans became clearer when I got in contact with digital marketing and communications. 
I understood that my inclination to get interested in (too) many things would not be a weakness – as I saw it – but a strength, when applied to such a fast-paced field as today’s marketing landscape.  

After some years of experience, working in multinational companies, I felt I was ready to start working in autonomy and start my own projects. 

This could give me more space to cover new areas, explore different fields and help companies at different stages, in different markets and countries. The knowledge I gained in a fast-paced corporate environment turned out to be a game-changer for smaller companies as well as international ones . 

At the moment I’m focusing on helping more and more brands to reach their target audience. But what I’m looking for, now, is that special brand with a huge potential that just needs to reach the right people to explode, becoming a great success. 

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